Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today is the fourth anniversary of the day I decided to join the Peace Corps. It was super bowl Sunday of my freshman year. I, of course, was oblivious to that fact, and was instead, looking online for possible career paths when I came across the Peace Corps website. I called my mother to let her start preparing. "I've decided to join the Peace Corps after college." To which she responded, "Over my dead body." And, then added, "Can we talk about this after the game?" "Of course, we have several years to talk about it." She thought it would be one of those ideas that would blow over in time. But alas, it is four years later and once again we were on the phone during the super bowl talking about the Peace Corps. Only this time I was giving her the web address to the packing list I found.

So, after a year and half of applying for the Peace Corps and jumping through hoops, I finally received my invitation to Botswana! I called earlier this week and accepted the invitation. Now I'm just working on my aspiration statement and updated resume. Also, I'm trying to learn Setswana. It is a beautiful language, and it's really cool. They have a clicking noise in their alphabet! But, it's also really hard. We'll see how I do with that. Anyway, I leave in exactly two months for staging (kind of like orientation) probably in Philadelphia. And then, three days later I'll leave for Botswana with my new Peace Corps friends.

I thought about starting this blog earlier in the process, but honestly it was just a year and a half of speculation and uncertainty. The important thing is that this might actually happen now!

Also, I haven't decided how I feel about the name of this blog. Let me know if you like it, or if you have a better idea than Texswanan.

Alright, I guess I should get back to that aspiration statement. Peace out.

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